Arguing with Crazy Neocons

a continual log of my arguments with neocons…this one is about the war….enjoy!

yeah so as u can tell im not coming to talk
id rather not waste my time
lol whatever
just one ?… what did u mean by the “friends’ thing
totally up to you if u want to keep ur head in the sand or not
no how idd u mean
ur more worried about that than ur incorrect stance on the war…god
no b/c if u mean it how u said it the other night
it will piss me off
and i didnt even care what you all were talking about all i said about ur [...]

And then they came for me… (My Spin)

First, they came for the low income. Providing them with welfare, healthcare and getting them addicted to government. I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t on welfare.
Then they came for the children. Indoctrinating them in the public schools, poisoning them with fluoride and I didn’t speak up, because I didn’t have children.
Then they came for the guns, and I didn’t speak up, because guns scare me anyway.
Then they came for our military. Poisoning their bodies with mandatory vaccinations and poisoning their minds with war propaganda and a false sense of patriotism. And I didn’t speak up, because they were keeping [...]

The Freedom Diet: Week 2

Ok, so I’m not going to do another long post with pictures and an eating log about the past week. I have it if your interested. But here’s how the last week has gone. Potatoes are awesome. I can now see why the potato famine killed so many people. They are hearty food when all else you have is green veggies. Onions and garlic are a great crop. Fry them up with just about anything and it tastes better. Bartering seems to work easier with people who AREN’T farmers. The reasoning [...]

The Freedom Diet: Introduction

A few months ago I was thinking to myself.  “What if I HAD to survive off of just the food that I grow?”.  Would I really be able to?  Well this month I’m going to attempt to answer this question.  I’ve come up with a diet to test my ability to be self sustainable.  I call it “The Freedom Diet”.  After all if you depend on no one for your food, then you truly are free.
The rules are simple:

Only drink water
ONLY consume food that I’ve grown, had a hand in growing or can find growing in the wild.
Bartering is allowed.  [...]

Revisiting “Revisiting ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’”

The following is work I recently completed for my American Cultural History course.  It is a criticism of historiographical reductionism based in conceptions of collective action rather than Austrian methodological individualism…Enjoy!
The “Market Revolution” is an historiographical concept often used to explain practically every change in American life during the Jacksonian period (1815-1845).  Historian Christopher Clark defines the Market Revolution as follows:  “the creation of a national market [leading] to the coordination over long distances of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods of all kinds, so that families and individuals throughout the [country] were drawn into the various facets of [...]

Free your mind

It seems the more I research the more I realize what is coming ahead.  It’s all bad news.  So if you haven’t noticed I’ve taken a small hiatus.  No matter what your news source it all has similar undertones.  I am sick and tired of the depressing mentality.  If we are truly going to lead the way, we need to stop pushing this doom and gloom philosophy.  We need to provide the answers not the excuses.
We are the intellectuals, it is US who know how to fix the problems.  So stop spending all your time reading the news or trolling forums [...]

Libertarianism and “Cultural Ownership”

I recently watched Pat Buchanan’s “Culture Wars” speech to the 1992 Republican National Convention (which I had not seen previously) and was struck by an interesting chord.  Buchanan seemed to think (I use past tense mainly because I don’t think he thinks this any more) that culture was something owned by particular groups within American society.  He speaks of culture as something which can be stolen and misused.  Something which needs to be taken back and reconquered.  Something we must not let fall into the hands of those who would destroy and debase it.  Is this the case?  What does [...]

Tweet With Me

Under advisement from my Dad, I’ve joined Twitter to provide another venue for Austro-anarchist thinking and my brand of revisionist history to reach a wider audience.  If anyone is so inclined, I’d very much appreciate your “followership” on Twitter!  Here’s my profile:

Wisdom from the Old Republic: William Leggett (3rd Ed.)

William Leggett, easily my favorite Jacksonian and one of the most eloquent and interesting (not to mention fiery as Hell itself) libertarians, became interested in the issue of intellectual property only near the very end of his tragically short life.  All of his writings on the subject span a single month in 1837, but in that one month he accomplished what libertarians have been attempted to redo for decades now.  He sorted out the issue of intellectual property and concluded that, indeed, one cannot own an idea.  Here it is in his own words:

February 11, 1837.
Text abridged.

Able [...]

John Barnetts and the Olustee Campaign

I realize it’s been an awfully long time since I’ve posted anything here (much less continued my 3 existing series), but I decided to take this opportunity to do two things:  1)  celebrate my recent good news (a paper of mine has been selected as the Editor’s Choice piece for this year’s edition of Write the Ship, my college’s journal of outstanding student writing) and, 2) share some of my favorite and (I think) most important research with all of you.
It is about a Civil War veteran from Shippensburg, John Barnetts, and his involvement in the critical Olustee Campaign of [...]