Guerrilla Gardening 101

Being truly free is not having to depend on anyone for anything. If you aren’t working towards being self-sustainable then you’re reliant on a broken system. What happens if the house of cards collapses and the system comes crashing down? Well then you’ll find out just how truly self sufficient you aren’t. I don’t want to get to into the politics of it too much because we all know the direction this country is heading. So now that my rants out of the way let’s get started…
I’ve been planning a somewhat mobile ‘bug out’ plan [...]

The Freedom Diet: Week 1

I survived my first week.  The first few days were the hardest as my body adjusted to the lesser amount of food intake.  I lost more than 12 lbs in one week(that’s pretty damn fast considering my starting weight).  Most of that all being in the first 3 days.  I’ve hit a plateau now where the weight is falling off a lot slower the last few days.  My body has adapted to smaller amount of food I’m eating. Here is what I ate…
Day 1
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - 1 large cucumber, 2 banana Hot Peppers
Dinner - swiss chard steamed with [...]

The Framework

The growing season is starting and I have been feverishly working to get my garden framework into place. Here is the end result! Now let’s see what we can grow :)

A sign of things to come

These snowdrops in bloom are a sign that the weather is changing and the ground is ready to grow new life. A very exciting time for a gardener! If it would only thaw out long enough for me to dig my two new raised beds. Thanks to this blog for showing me what these little flowers I have all over my yard are called!

Self watering seedling starters

self watering seedling starters

In my area it is just about time to start your seeds indoors to get a jump on spring. This year I decided to recycle some plastic water bottles to make self watering seedling starters. I got the idea for these guys here. He uses a 2 liter instead of water bottles like I’m trying. My main concern is the roots may end up going into the water at the bottom and rot. So I’ve saved the caps to contain them if so. The soil does stay evenly moist as long as water is in the bottom container. It’s a pretty cool idea. For those of us that really don’t want to blow money on flats to start our seeds this could end up being a smart economical way to start seedlings. We’ll see!

Spring is just around the corner!

It was a very windy day today here in PA. So much so that recycling had blown out of my recycle bin in my backyard. I went out to clean it up and noticed that a large bit of the mulch that I had over my garlic and onion garden bed had blown off. So I went over to check it out and to my surprise I found that my garlic is sending up shoots already! It’s mid-february! WOO HOO! Fresh Garlic here I come! If you click the picture it will enlarge and you can see a little better.

Eat the weeds…

This is the time of year I like to research and plan out the spring garden. In doing this research I always come across posts similar to this..

How can I get rid of these annoying wild strawberries growing in my lawn?


What can I spray to kill the evil dandelions growing everywhere?

Here’s my answer. EAT THEM. Or I at least suggesting trying them. Many of the plants known as weeds to us today were brought over by our ancestors and used as herbs. Most people just don’t realize that.

Homemade Bread

homemade bread

Oh how long I’ve come from my first semi-cube of bread I made from the bread machine…My loaves are actually starting to look decent!

Breadmaking rocks. I use a very lazy method. I throw all the ingredients into a bread machine and let it do the hard work(kneading) for me. Then put the dough ball into a baking pan and bake it in the oven(turns out much better than when the bread machine bakes it). Also I find rubbing some butter on the crust right after it comes out of the oven helps to make it nice and soft.

Sqaure Foot Garden Experiment

So it’s only the beginning of January and I’m already fiending to get back out in the garden and try some new techniques and plants. I’ve had raised beds before and have grown all of your most common veggies. This year I plan to expand even more. Since I lack space and have to compromise with the misses on tearing up the backyard to garden I’m going to build another raised bed and turn it into a ’square foot garden’. I’m still in the early planning phases of the project. I decided to try out [...]

Home for rent in Carlisle PA

I have a house that I am renting out in Carlisle PA. It would be perfect for a starter home or a small family. You can view details at It sits in an area with great neighbors. It’s very close to the fair grounds, for those of you with kids, lemonade stands could make a killing during these high traffic events =P. There is an area in the back where I have grown a garden for a few years so it already has good worked soil. The house comes furnished with a nice front loading washer/dryer. The current tenants lease is up in Janurary and so I would like to have someone move in shortly after then. Sorry about the shameless plug. But I know some of our readers are in south central PA and might not mind renting from a liberty minded land lord. All I ask is if you rent it please treat the house as your own and don’t destroy it.