Bob Barr to spoil Mccain?

Bob Barr is now getting his name out there as a potential spoiler for John Mccain in the same way that Ralph Nadar could play spoiler for the Democrats. This libertarian candidate for president is hoping to capture some of the steam from the Ron Paul campaign. Is he the candidate we should be following?
His voting record…

Voted for the Iraq war
Voted for the Patriot Act
Fought aggressively for legislation to stop medical marijuana

These are just a few of the things I found that lead me to believe he is not truly a libertarian. He may get some [...]


If you watched any of the Republican debates during the presidential primary cycle at one point you heard congressman Ron Paul in defense of his non-interventionist stance use the phrase “Mr. Republican, Robert Taft.” But, Who was Robert Taft other than a non-interventionist? In this round of Profiles in Liberty I will look at the life and times of Senator Robert Taft and point out the sacrifices that he made in the defense of liberty. These sacrifices would completely undermine his desires to become President yet at the same time keep in check the New Deal and it’s march towards [...]

Have You Seen This Guy? - David Icke

So I was doing my YouTube usual one day, on the laptop, while waiting for chkdsk to finish running on a client’s computer, when I stumbled onto this guy. I ended up downloading the movie, and it is absolutely amazing. He even blows the lid wide open on the reptilian conspiracy!

David Icke, definitely a Crazy Kook!

McCain to Adopt a Smarter Economic Policy?

“I’m going to be honest: I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated.” - John McCain
Don Luskin, who stated on Fox news that he would write-in Ron Paul for President in November had he not achieved the nomination, left the Paul camp in February to work for McCain.  I know this seems like rather old news, but it was just brought to my attention and the fellow Revolutionaries I bring it up to do not seem to be aware that this happened.
Any thoughts?

Want some fireworks?

If anyone who posts here is interested, I’m taking a trip to West Virginia this weekend to pick up some fireworks for the 4th of July. If you are like me and enjoy setting off dangerous explosives to celebrate our countries independence but don’t have time to take a trip, I’d be happy to pick some up for you. On that note, I will definitely be rocking my Ron Paul garb during my celebrations.
I will be driving through Carlisle, Shippensburg and Chambersburg to get there for those of you that live in that area.

photo by Rick Macomber Copyright 2008


For those of us crazy kooks that got exited about the Ron Paul campaign, we were experiencing something totally new to us. For me personally, Dr. Paul helped to resurrect beliefs that had laid dormant in me for longer than I could recall. I felt something I hadn’t felt about politics in my entire life: PASSION! One of the major themes that Ron spoke about during his campaign for the Presidency was the believe that this campaign was about more than getting him elected. To understand this I started researching liberty, the constitution, and conservatism. The results have become the [...]

A Blast from the Past - Our Trip to New Hampshire

During the recent primary elections a friend and I decided to travel to New Hampshire during the first week of January, to participate in the Democratic process. I had imagined it being somewhat of a get-a-way and I was far from correct. Going to New Hampshire to campaign for Ron Paul during the week before the primary was both a moving and learning experience; the drive there was never-ending, the weather was ridiculously cold, and the motley crew of supporters proved to make the trip even more noteworthy.

Leaving my house in Pennsylvania, it was pointed out that my [...]

Freedom Fighter George Carlin Dies at 71

George Carlin, who was a freedom fighter before freedom fighting was cool, died last night in Los Angeles at the age of 71.

“The New York-born performer, who also was an Air Force veteran, once summed up his approach:
“I think it is the duty of the comedian to find out where the line is drawn and cross it deliberately.”
His wife Brenda, predeceased him. They had a daughter, Kelly. A second wife survives him.”
Was Carlin a fellow Crazy Kook, decide for yourself.

RIP George, you will be sorely missed.

The Straight Talk Express

One of the more interesting videos I’ve seen concerning John McCain, a series of contradictions.

Main Stream Media’s Influence on Politics

By stifling the two party system and limiting the choice Americans have, the upper elite have found a way to continually move their agenda forward no matter who is in charge. By using the main stream media outlets to control public opinion they can nearly hand pick their leaders under the guise of democracy and freedom. In addition, by limiting the people’s confidence of their elected leaders while increasing the power of the Federal Government the people become apathetic. This gives the power elite a virtual blanket to do whatever they wish. Thus, American politics has hit an all time [...]