Profiles In Liberty– Clement Vallandigham Part 2

When my last discussion of Clement Vallandigham ended the Civil War Ron Paul was sitting in a Federal Prison after being convicted of violating General Order No. 38 For many of his co-agitators that where convicted by similar made up laws without habeas corpus, that meant being in prison until the end of the war. “King Lincoln” as Vallandigham referred to the President was afraid that copperheads in the midwest would use his imprisonment as a recruitment tool and choose to attempt to cut a deal with the members of the anti-war faction. The series of letters between Lincoln and [...]

Senator Obama, Stop Giving Us Reasons To Vote McCain!

What a great couple of weeks Sen. Obama has had on the campaign trail. To start with the Senate was in session all week, finally finishing on Saturday morning with the passage of the housing bailout.SEE PREVIOUS BLOG Where was Senator Obama while most of his fellow legislators were at least attempting to do the Job they are paid for. In Germany, In France, In Iraq. Apparently meeting with foreign leaders to discuss what he will do to restore the World’s faith in America. Mr. Obama, YOU ARE NOT THE PRESIDENT . The Media, which appears to have the equivalent [...]

Urban homesteading at its best.

seriously wow, I wish

United we stand

This countries greatest weakness is our best strength. Many others say we have no culture. But we are a mix of every culture, we are the melting pot of the world. We combine all that is good and bad across the globe. Light a fire under us and fear the wraith of an inferno. At the same time we are compassionate and one of the most open countries that exists.  At the heart of it, isn’t that what we are fighting for? The most open society…
America was based upon open principles. [...]

It’s Time to End Prohibition…Really

For the past 35 years the current US policy on drugs has been to wage war on both the users and the dealers, creating enemy combatants out of normal United States citizens, putting those that have become addicts in incarceration rather than in treatment facilities. Despite all the lives that have been destroyed and all of the money that has been spent (over a trillion dollars), drugs today are cheaper, more potent, and easier to obtain, people continue to die in the streets while drug lords and terrorists continue to become richer from drug sales, and in making our [...]

Profiles in Liberty - Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The son of a blacksmith, Ahmadinejad entered into this world into a state of humility.  Born in the small village of Aradan in 1956, his family had to travel to Tehran in search of riches.
In 1976 Ahmadinejad enrolled into the Iran University of Science and Technology aas an undergraduate of civil engineering.  He was accepted to a Master of Science program and received his doctorate in 1987.  He would stay at the facility as a faculty member giving back to the students, as a teacher and lecturer.
After the Islamic Revolution he became a member of the Office for Strengthening Unity, [...]

An Unlikely Revolution

The former State Coordinator for the Ron Paul Campaign in Pennsylvania, Tom Kawczynski, has written a book and is slowly releasing it on his blog. Through working with Tom during the campaign I’ve come to respect him greatly and considered him to be a great hope for winning PA for Ron Paul, but alas, the campaign chose to let Philadelphia ruin it for everyone.
I’ve skimmed the first couple of chapters and found it a great read.
Some excerpts:
“What began as an accidental journey ended up becoming a full-time passion.”
“Some time later in the campaign, I remember someone telling me that [...]

“The Dark Knight,” Anarchy, Liberty, and Spoilers

I finally got to see The Dark Knight last night, and I was simply stunned by how literally perfect the movie was in practically every way.  If you have not yet seen it, you simply must–it was amazing.
If you have seen it, then perhaps you noticed everything I’m about to blog here, but it might be worth a second glance anyways.
The latest installment of the Batman series presents a wonderful case for the ineptitude of government and the unparalleled ability of the private sector to create peace without the coercion of a centralized state (or any state, for that matter–after [...]


September 11, 2001, a day that will live in infamy. If one were to ask the average American as to why the Saudi terrorists hijacked four planes, steering three of them into buildings, killing thousands of civilians, they would most likely state something to the effect of, “they were jealous of our freedom.” However, truth be told, the attacks were most certainly not unprovoked. The Government of the United States has known about Blowback, in fact coined the term, since the early 1950’s. In exercising hegemony over the world, causing mass destabilization in foreign countries, making ourselves invulnerable with our [...]

Young Republicans Frustrated?

There’s a great article from the Washington Post detailing the frustrations of the Young Republican movement.  I had to sign up for an account to read it, so I will post it below for your convenience.
If you would like to sign up, the full article can be found here.
Are you frustrated or do you even consider yourself a Republican?  In my opinion our only hope is to align ourselves with the Republican Party.  Say what you will about the Republican Party, it is established, it is Conservative, and it’s filled with a lot of good grassroots people who agree with [...]