Sarah Palin: Is she conservative?

I’m not so sold on the hype that is Sarah Palin. Many people from the freedom movement praised the choice by Mccain like she is a god send. Yes she has libertarian leanings, yes she is a gun totting, family oriented, freedom loving individual. However, the more I learn about her, the more it seems like she puts personal interests before the good of the people. So much so that it nearly borders on abuse of power. When Sarah Palin was mayor or Wasilla she wanted to build a hockey rink, however someone else bought [...]

Crazy Kook Camping Trip

coconuts Who wants to go camping? Reading up on all these survivalism skills and tactics. I think it’s time to try to employ some! In a couple weeks I’m going camping and bringing along just the bare essentials(knife, flint, alcohol etc). I plan to build my own shelter, eat wild food, start fire out of what nature provides and get drunk doing it all :) Some would call this ‘roughin it’ I call it practice and a good excuse to get drunk in nature around a campfire. Anyone game? The more the merrier and it should be a fun experience to laugh at me trying to build a shelter out of sticks and twigs. We are in south central PA if your interested….

Joe Biden: “I am a zionist”

Straight from the horses mouth.

Coconut oil: nectar of the gods

coconutsDuring World War II the Japanese controlled the parts of south Asia where the largest amounts of coconut oil was being imported to the US from. Since we were effectively cut off from our source of coconut oil American manufacturers began to come up with other sources of cooking oils. Then the war ended. The manufacturers had way to much to lose by allowing coconut oil to once again become a staple cooking oil. Hence forth began the scare tactics seen so much in modern day capitalism. The stigma created since then is starting to wear off as people rediscover the miraculous healing properties of coconut oil.

Attorney Generals, Brigadier Generals, and 8 Year Olds are Terrorists

From the mainstream:
CNN did a great story on the wondrous job our NAZI Department of Homeland Security is doing “protecting” the citizens of our free nation.

I particularly enjoyed at 3:15 where the Retired Brigadier General states, “There’s gonna come a point in time where everyone’s on the watchlist.” They then go on to tell us how to get around the system. If a soccer mom can do it, can the real terrorists?
Oops, the real terrorists are in the White House, and certainly not on the watch list. How could I forget that?

The real Joe Biden stands up.

In an apparent attempt to bring experience to the Democratic ticket, Senator Barrack Obama has chosen 30 year Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate.
Biden is a long-time member of the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, which he chaired from 1987 until 1995 and served as ranking minority member from 1981 until 1987 and again from 1995 until 1997. In this capacity, he dealt with issues related to drug policy, crime prevention, and civil liberties. While chairman, Biden presided over two of the most contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearings: Robert Bork in 1987 and Clarence Thomas in [...]

Justice, War, and the Obamunists

“If any soldier goes and fights in a war simply on command of his officers without knowing where the justice lies, I don’t care if he lives or dies.”
When Herbert Spencer penned this powerful sentence it was in response to the indefensible British occupation of the Orange Free State and Transvaal in southern Africa during the Boer War. After discovering tremendous amounts of gold, diamonds and other riches in these areas, the British decided it was time to Christianize the Africanized Dutch denizens of said territories. The British invaded, killed thousands, established “concentration camps” to concentrate the populations [...]

I’m Against Women’s Suffrage–And You Should Be Too!

Yes, yes, I’m against women’s suffrage, they should not have the right to vote…but hear me out on this one.
Women are, as far as natural rights are concerned (at the very least) entirely, 100%, fully equal to men. This means that women have just as many rights as do men. That is to say that women have property rights which everyone can rightfully be compelled by physical force to not violate. For instance, Hillary Clinton has the right to free speech because she has a property right in her larynx, pharynx, tongue, teeth, etc. that enable her [...]

The Silver Lining

Gold BarsThroughout the ages of time Gold and Silver have been the currency used to trade for goods. Only in the last 100 or so years have we replaced them with paper money. In the old days banks would hold your gold and silver for you and issue you “bank notes” that could be traded with others and then turned back in for gold and silver. We slowly began to drift away from this system until the government deemed it unnecessary for people to own precious metals and saw it fit to force people to use ‘federal reserve notes’ that are backed up by nothing and whose value can be totally manipulated by the government itself. It’s time you ask yourself how much faith you have in these paper federal reserve notes.

More than half of American’s want Barr in Presidential Debates.

Zogby Poll: Majority Want Libertarian Bob Barr Included in Presidential Debates
Majority of Independents - 59% - also favor inclusion of Ralph Nader in debates this fall
UTICA, New York - More than half of likely voters nationwide - 55% - want Republican-turned-Libertarian Bob Barr to participate in presidential debates this fall, while nearly half - 46% - said they think Ralph Nader should be allowed into the on-stage fray, the latest Zogby Interactive polling shows.
Among political independents, 69% said Barr should be at a lectern with Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, and a majority of Republicans and Democrats agreed. [...]