Harvesting black walnuts

In my quest to get ‘back to the basics’ I look for food that natively grow on and around my property to use in my diet. If you live in the north eastern region of the US you probably have seen black walnut trees. I remember throwing these walnuts at each other as kids. They are safe to eat and very nutritious if your willing to do the work to harvest them. I got about a cup and a half of walnut meat from 40 walnuts. Here is how to harvest black walnuts

Musings to an Anti-libertarian Metaphysician

The following is an e-mail I sent to a professor of mine (and a good friend) after a lengthy discussion (an entire class) regarding the metaphysical differences we have and who is right/wrong.  I endeavored to further explain my position.  The original discussion began with the professor claiming inherent value of at least a few abstracts “public goods.”  The class and I worked him into the understanding that all value is subjective:  a valiant victory!  We could not, however, wriggle him into the position of accepting that only individuals act and therefore larger social groupings are abstractions…necessary abstractions, but non-acting [...]

Will Barack Obama increase taxes on guns?

There’s an article over on MSN that talks about the increased sales of guns over the past couple of years. Some cite the fear and uncertainty in the economy being a driving factor. But many fear that if Obama is elected he will tax guns to the point that no one will be able to afford them. During the Clinton years many guns were banned that are currently legal. He also made high capacity magazines illegal. Maybe instead of investing in a uncertain stock market one should put some money into some good quality weapons. [...]

What does $5 Billion in gold look like?

Reasons for European Imperialism in Africa: A Criticism of the Prevailing Historiographical Theses

By Anthony Comegna, submitted as a research assignment for History of Africa South of the Sahara on 10/16/08. Please note that all information footnoted can be viewed below the bibliography.  A few of them contain information critical to understanding the larger points made in the paper.  If anyone wishes to comment to me personally, request further information, or make suggestions for future work, please contact me at ac5386@ship.edu.

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3rd party debates on C-Span this sunday

If your like me and are still undecided on who you will be voting for this election, there will be a 3rd party debate broadcast on C-SPAN this Sunday at 8:30pm. I will definitely be checking it out. It looks like Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Chuck Baldwin will all be there. Bob Barr is considering not going because he ONLY wants to debate Ralph Nadar. If he doesn’t get this stick out of his ass there will be NO chance I will vote for him. There is a very high probability I will be [...]

John McCain and Barack Obama: Two Sides of the Same Coin

If one were to watch the Presidential Debates their first thoughts would probably be that the two candidates differ greatly. Very convincingly these men seem to argue back forth pointing fingers at one another in an attempt to garner votes from an unknowledgeable populace. I would like to assert that, although they put on a good show for the world audience, Barack Obama and John McCain are, in essence, the same candidate; by agreeing and promoting the same anti-terror laws that have stripped us of our civil rights, the same economic practices that have destroyed our economy, and by agreeing [...]

Who’s on the ballot in PA for President?

I received my absentee Ballot today. If you want to know who is going to be on the PA ballot for president in 2008 when you go to vote here is the list.
Barack Obama
& Joe Biden
John Mccain
& Sarah Palin
Ralph Nadar
& Matt Gonzalez
Bob Barr
& Wayne A. Root
That’s it folks. No Chuck Baldwin, No Cynthia McKinney, No Ron Paul. Decisions, decisions….
Do I write the good Dr. in?

The ultimate survival home!

I came across a link to what could be the ultimate survival home. It looks like it’s right out of a movie. So crazy that it almost seems to be an April fools joke or some type of hoax. Is this hobbit-like home for real or not? You be the judge.

Looking for Inspiration in Your Fight for Liberty?

As usual, Lew Rockwell provides it: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/023441.html