I’m no whippersnapper

lately there has been an influx of people flooding towards the survivalism movement. Truth be told it’s good that there is, it’s a back to basics mentality that we need to embrace. So I say let’s welcome our fellow noob preppers…
I am young in age…but as far as my knowledge, I’ve LIVED a life of prepping from the day I was born because of my upbringing. Or maybe it’s just a fiscally conservative way of life that I was taught to adhere too. Either way I say let’s band together! There is something to [...]

What to do with leftover turkey?

While I’m sure everyone loves a good turkey sandwich they can get a bit monotonous after you eat a few. If you’re anything like me you probably have a LOT of leftover turkey. So I decided to try something new this year. Turkey soup! There are many many recipes online but I tend to just use what I already have around the house to cook. Here’s how I made mine.

Deccan Mujahedeen or Al-Qaeda

News outlets are reporting that some faction known as the Deccan Mujahedeen are behind the recent terrorist attacks in India. They then say if it is this alleged group they must have ties to Al-Qaeda. They are trying to pin it on some small faction of radical separatists. It’s not just a small pack of radicals, this was a large coordinated attack. This attack was designed to be timed with the election and Christmas shopping seasons.
The problem is this is a growing sentiment among foreigners. That they want to attack us so bad they [...]

The advantages of being a pack rat

Growing up I lived with my grandmother who’s family had it rough during the depression. It must have been pretty bad because she would go through our trash to make sure we weren’t throwing away anything that can be reused. My brother and I found this disgusting, embarrassing and overly intrusive. We would get in trouble if we threw away aluminum foil, freezer bags or anything else she thought she could reuse. Oh and if she caught you throwing away a butter tub you better just head for the hills cause the shit was about to [...]

A christmas gift for the alcoholic

When I saw this I had to post a link to it. For those of you lucky enough to live in a state that can have alcohol delivered I think this would be a pretty cool and cheap party favor. You can get them here. For $10 a bottle I would probably buy into the novelty of the item. Sorry about the image not displaying properly I was to lazy to change it’s size.

Winter’s harvest

Yes I bet some of you didn’t know you can pull food out of your garden in early december. I introduce to you multiplier onions!(click the picture for a full size view) Plant them in the fall, harvest their green onions in December(they grow back) and the bulbs in summer. These little onions grow similar to garlic and thrive in raised bed gardens. The bulbs don’t get anywhere as big as the freak onions you buy in the store, but as with all locally grown food they pack a fresh tasting punch that quickly trumps anything commercially grown.

Homemade laundry detergent

I’ve been coming up with many ways to save money and be thrifty in these ever changing times. One thing you can do is to make your own laundry detergent. It’s simple, fun and you know what your washing your cloths with. When it’s all said and done it comes out to around 8 cents per load. When you realize how much a bottle of tide costs you quickly start to see the value in this. Keep reading to find out how easy making your own laundry detergent is…

Questions for CK Exclusive Interview w/ Tom Woods, Jr.

Folks, Dr. Thomas Woods, Jr. will be speaking at Penn State University on February 4, 2009 and CrazyKook has just been granted an exclusive interview!  Many of you may know Dr. Woods from his electrifying involvment in the Campaign for Liberty including many speeches at campaign events such as this, his radio show on Revolution Broadcasting, or his many excellent books.
I would like to know what you want to ask of Dr. Woods.  Please use this post to suggest questions you would like me to ask Tom.  I’ll filter through the comments sections and create a slate of questions from [...]

Hormel can’t keep up with spam demand

America’s favorite wonder food is having a surge in demand. Some of us crazy kooks who can stomach the taste of the mystery meat have stored away a few extra cans of spam as it supposedly has an indefinite shelf life. This demand has caused the price of spam to rise as well. The NY Times discusses it in detail. Though what the article doesn’t say is that the foods mentioned in the article all have a long shelf life. There may be something to this preppin’ thing after all.

The Right to Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is a question of much debate in the state of Pennsylvania as well as in the nation as a whole. One of the issues that often arises is that society needs to restrain illegal firearm ownership and usage for the public welfare. We will look at the correctness and validity of this argument as well as others. We will further consider the restraints created under the Constitution of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Constitution. We will also look at the intent of the founding fathers in creating protections for these rights.
Before we embark on a discussion [...]