Economics as A Value-free Science: Reply to Tucker

Last week, the Mises Institute updated their fabulously enjoyable, interesting, and helpful Are You An Austrian? Quiz. I had a few problems with this version of the quiz, however, and expressed my concerns to Lew Rockwell. He referred me to a Jeff Tucker article on today’s installment of LRC on the subject.
Before reading on, I first suggest that you 1) take the quiz, 2) see if you have any problems with it (besides a low score, if such a problem fits your situation), and 3) read Mr. Tucker’s characteristically articulate and fantastic article.
That said, [...]

5 Reasons That Linux Desktops SUCK

First and foremost let me state that I am PRO open source. However most of us bloggers are pretty computer savvy, some more than others. Some of the more savvy of us have heard of this supposedly glorious operating system called Linux. Well if you haven’t made the leap to it, let me give you 5 Reasons NOT TO.
1. Wireless support - If you have a laptop and want to run Linux on it, well your manufacturer better support Linux or you will be hard pressed to find a wireless driver that works for the Laptop. [...]

The Value of Tangible Items

The future economy we are faced with is one that is certain to get worse at least for the short term. But more and more of us realize the ‘the party is over’. People are going to have to actually work hard for a living. One problem I’ve always had with the normal American retirement strategy is that your supposed to hand your money over to some money management company to invest in a 401k for you. They take your money and magically turn it into more money. That idea is absurd. It should [...]

Wisdom From the Old Republic: Moses Jaques

Many-time president of the short-lived “Loco-Foco” or Equal Rights (sometimes Anti-Monopoly) Party, Moses Jaques was the rough 1830s equivalent of a Lew Rockwell.  The Loco-Foco Party was dedicated to the complete separation of bank and state and the simply procurement of equal protection under the laws by government of every citizen.  They fought tirelessly and passionately for free trade, anti-monopoly business-government relations, free banking, and even abolitionism picking votes away from both the Democrats and the Whigs.  The party began in New York City and gradually spread but did not last long into the 1840s before their mission was largely [...]

Want to Make A Difference and Learn A Ton?

…Then follow Lew Rockwell’s advice and “Join the Fight” by joining the Mises Institute:

Happy Holidays

This is the time of year where I always find myself with a little more of a smile on my face. Even though our economy may be doomed. Regardless that there is so much gloom in the air. This time of year I always try to help my fellow man out when I can. While I have never been deeply religious the essence of Christmas is not something that escapes me.

Fiat Money and Slavery or Commodity Money and Freedom

The subject of gold as money and the possibility of returning to a gold standard has recently been addressed not only in the private sector but in the realm of government as well.  With the housing bubble and the Subprime Mortgage fiasco continuing to destroy people’s lives (Weyrich), the stock market falling in record numbers (Grynbaum), and people’s general distrust in the American Government (Pew Research Center) building for the last ten years, many believe that the American public is ready to move forward and return to the standard of money that our founding fathers had originally intended for our [...]

Obsession - Radical Islam’s War Against The West

A few weeks ago I reached into my mailbox to find a free DVD that I was not expecting. It was a copy of “Obsession - Radical Islam’s War Against The West” in the mail. I have no idea what mailing I got on to deserve a free DVD. But by the way the title of the movie was spelled with Islams cresent symbol at one end and an AK-47 at the other it was obvious this had to be blatant propaganda. So I looked up who put the DVD out. “The Clarion Fund” which [...]

Home for rent in Carlisle PA

I have a house that I am renting out in Carlisle PA. It would be perfect for a starter home or a small family. You can view details at It sits in an area with great neighbors. It’s very close to the fair grounds, for those of you with kids, lemonade stands could make a killing during these high traffic events =P. There is an area in the back where I have grown a garden for a few years so it already has good worked soil. The house comes furnished with a nice front loading washer/dryer. The current tenants lease is up in Janurary and so I would like to have someone move in shortly after then. Sorry about the shameless plug. But I know some of our readers are in south central PA and might not mind renting from a liberty minded land lord. All I ask is if you rent it please treat the house as your own and don’t destroy it.

The Law of the Igbos and the Establishment of Colonial Order in “Things Fall Apart”

The following is a short paper I wrote for my history of Sub-Saharan Africa course here at Shippensburg University.  It is based on the Chinhua Achebe novel Things Fall Apart, and includes a wonderful description of semi-private law production and the maintenance of society and civilization without a centralized form of government or any kind of government with which westerners are familiar.  Please enjoy and do not hestitate to contact me at with any questions, commens, etc.
In Chenhua Achebe’s famous Things Fall Apart, many stories are told.  Achebe examines the life of the Igbo people of the southern Niger [...]