Ancient Chinese Secret

From the Book of Songs:
“Big rat, big rat,
Do not gobble our millet!
Three years we have slaved for you,
Yet you take no notice of us.
At last we are going to leave you
And go to that happy land;
Happy land, happy land,
Where we shall have our place.”
Naturally, the rat is their feudal lord.  Talk about ideas without borders, huh?

Peter Schiff for Senate, 2010?

Do you love Peter Schiff as much as I do?  Then check out (and sign up for) this site urging him to challenge the ridiculously incompetent Chris Dodd in 2010:

Top News 1/20-1/26/09

I think I’m going to start a new series on here and provide our readers with a catalog of my favorite news items from week to week or so.  To start, here are a few of my favorite (not necessarily in a _favorable_ way) stories from the past week:
1.  Obama is already complicit in the murder of innocents, continuing a long-honored tradition in America that the president quickly become the most immoral person in the world:
2.  Bill Krystal, neocon chicken-hawk warlord and purely evil “man,” has been sacked by that steadily failing outlet of innanity, the New York _Times_:  [...]

Real Change–Mises Live Chat

Yes, the wonderful thing many of you have been waiting for–an opportunity to speak live with literally dozens of Austro-libertarians burning for liberty–has arrived!  The Mises Institute has now obtained a live chat:

Heirloom Seeds

If you’re buying your garden seeds at Lowes, Walmart or any other big box store there is a good chance you are getting ‘hybrid’ seeds.  These seeds are essentially freaks of nature.  They are seeds that have been artificially crossed with other strains to enhance certain traits of the plant.  They very well may produce abnormally large veggies when you grow them however know that these abominations have a huge downfall.  If you try to save seeds the next generation will not produce in any way that the first generation did.  They will sometimes not bear fruit at all, and [...]

Out With the Old and in With the New

Well everyone, it seems that at long last Obama is going to be sworn into our “highest” office (which is really just the position of the chief murderer and thief in our country).  Yes, he’s going to be president (he should actually be facing treason charges for constantly violating the Constitution which he is going to–yet again–swear to uphold and defend).
What does this mean to we young libertarians just salivating at the opportunity to draw first blood in what is assuredly going to be the most titanic battle of ideas in our lifetimes?
Historians and Mises Institute fellow Ralph Raico always [...]

Homemade Bread

homemade bread

Oh how long I’ve come from my first semi-cube of bread I made from the bread machine…My loaves are actually starting to look decent!

Breadmaking rocks. I use a very lazy method. I throw all the ingredients into a bread machine and let it do the hard work(kneading) for me. Then put the dough ball into a baking pan and bake it in the oven(turns out much better than when the bread machine bakes it). Also I find rubbing some butter on the crust right after it comes out of the oven helps to make it nice and soft.

Prep Rotation

There are many of us who are savvy enough to put away extra food for what may be coming.  However once you buy and store these ‘preps’ what then?  Just sit on them and wait until a food shortage comes?  No, definitely not.  You have to rotate your food.  If you do not your going to have a lot of spoiled food on your hands.  Sure your cans of tuna may not expire until 2012, but that will creep up and before you know it you will have 50 cans of tuna that need to be eatin within 2 weeks.  [...]

Sqaure Foot Garden Experiment

So it’s only the beginning of January and I’m already fiending to get back out in the garden and try some new techniques and plants. I’ve had raised beds before and have grown all of your most common veggies. This year I plan to expand even more. Since I lack space and have to compromise with the misses on tearing up the backyard to garden I’m going to build another raised bed and turn it into a ’square foot garden’. I’m still in the early planning phases of the project. I decided to try out [...]

Getting your body prepared

I often mull over how in shape I should be for whatever the future may hold. The obvious answer is it’s best to be as fit as possible to be able to quickly handle any type of situation you may be thrown into. But then I start to wonder about all these food preps that people are putting away. If we are storing away a little extra food in case of a shortage wouldn’t it also make sense to fatten ourselves up? hmmmm.
There’s also those who see any future SHTF scenario as one where you will [...]