My Challenge to You…

So many people are crying about the economy being broken but no one wants to do anything about it. The government spending large amounts of money for public projects is not a long term solution. Sure it might make some short term jobs, but what happens once those contract jobs are done and they need more money to pay the people? We are then right back where we started. No America, if anyone is going to fix this problem it has to be YOU.
Many will cite the federal reserve as the devil behind it all but [...]

Homemade Humidifier

I hate being sick and I hate when others around me are sick. lately I have been stuffed up with a terrible chest cold/cough. I don’t like buying medicine unless I absolutely have to but I figured it was time to do something. I remembered my mom running a humidifier for similar things when I was young and looked it up. Sure enough it is a great alternative to cold medicine to help loosen chest congestion and sooth a sore throat. BINGO.
Now me being extremely cheap I thought, why buy a humidifier when [...]

10 trade skills that will boom in the coming depression..

Everyone realizes this economy is in the shitter. But not everything is doom and gloom. There are some ways to make money off of other peoples despair. Here is a list of 10 trade skills that will be in high demand in the years to come. It might not be a bad time to consider a career change or at least pickup some new skills….
1. Cobbler
Shoes can be very expensive, as we get poorer and poorer the idea of buying a new pair just doesn’t sound as good when you can have someone repair a hole [...]

Price Theory: Applications (I)

I’ve decided to start another series of posts (I think that’s like…four active series now) regarding applications of Austrian price theory.  Before your eyes roll back into your head and you click on the next link instead of mine, I promise it’ll be very interesting and (hopefully) fun to read!
First, Mises said that the sole concern of the economist is price theory.  Everything else in economics–everything–of which one might think essentially follows from price theory.  This series will explore this theme and apply Austrian price theory to many areas of which one might not immediately think when one thinks about [...]

Top News: 2/10-2/17/09


“America’s Emptiest Cities,” eh? Ha ha! Let the palaces of the nattering nabob neuveau riche become desolate boneyards! Good riddance to the inflationary boom-towns!


At least some people are waking up to what investments are actually intelligent investments. Bullion sales are like never before. $2000 gold by the summer?


One of the faces of evil changes it’s name. Do not be fooled! It is still evil!


Boy, I am right in line with Karen DeCoster on this one: this has got to be one of the dumbest business ideas in history. I’d be awfully suprised to see this place last longer than a few months. There are few examples of the ridiculous, fake boom malinvestment projects as this one.

Self watering seedling starters

self watering seedling starters

In my area it is just about time to start your seeds indoors to get a jump on spring. This year I decided to recycle some plastic water bottles to make self watering seedling starters. I got the idea for these guys here. He uses a 2 liter instead of water bottles like I’m trying. My main concern is the roots may end up going into the water at the bottom and rot. So I’ve saved the caps to contain them if so. The soil does stay evenly moist as long as water is in the bottom container. It’s a pretty cool idea. For those of us that really don’t want to blow money on flats to start our seeds this could end up being a smart economical way to start seedlings. We’ll see!

Are you a fake ass poser?

There is a reason the ‘back to basics’ movement is gaining so much momentum.  Most of America has forgotten it roots, we have forgotten that this country was once the ‘bread basket of the world’. Why grow something when you can go through a drive through and have it handed to you? THIS IS THE PROBLEM!
I blame laziness…
Any society that has enough wealth to use other people to do their bidding is destined to have their young succumb to laziness. That truly is the bottom line. I am young. I’ve felt this laziness. But [...]

Spring is just around the corner!

It was a very windy day today here in PA. So much so that recycling had blown out of my recycle bin in my backyard. I went out to clean it up and noticed that a large bit of the mulch that I had over my garlic and onion garden bed had blown off. So I went over to check it out and to my surprise I found that my garlic is sending up shoots already! It’s mid-february! WOO HOO! Fresh Garlic here I come! If you click the picture it will enlarge and you can see a little better.

Harvest Moon: Get your garden fix in the winter

So I normally do not recommend playing video games as they are an endless waste of time and resources. But recently I started playing a new game for my wii. Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility. In this game you grow food and raise farm animals to make your living. FUN! Since I’m so into gardening in a weird way it gives me my fix during these depressing winter months. My strawberry patch made me a lot of money! Should I be doing things like going through my preps and going out to target [...]

Top News: 2/3-2/9/09

Tom Woods’ new book, Meltdown has already reached #14 overall and #2 in nonfiction on!  Keep sticking it to those bastards, Tom!
Yes, yes, Jerome Corsi is a protectionist and many of you might call him paranoid, but he’s done great work in the past and this is quite the legitimate story.  Be afraid, people.  There’s a reason Jim Rogers moved to Singapore.
The inspirational story of the anarchist Somali people and their resistance to the tyranny of UN-imposed governments (as opposed to internally-imposed governments…as if that’s any better) has reached a new peak with yet another puppet [...]