The Market for the Common Good

As is my wont, I’m posting a draft (not yet the final, but awfully close to it) of a paper to be delivered at the 2009 North American Undergraduate Conference on Religion and Philosophy (which, by the way, is open for the public for free) on why anarcho-capitalism is the best system of political economy through which the “Common Good” can be attained.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback.  Here goes:
This paper shall focus on a market procurement of “The Common Good,” via the anarcho-capitalist political system.  This is in no way intended to be an exhaustive study or even [...]

Are you scared?

If so why, sure the economy is deteriorating and you might have to work harder to put food on the table. You may have to suck up your pride and move in with family members to afford living. Your job may lay you off and you might have to take one that pays much less which forces you to drastically change your lifestyle. Hell it might even get bad enough that you’ll want to carry a gun to protect yourself.
So I ask you, why are you scared? Are you addicted to normalcy? Are you afraid [...]

Top News: 2/18-3/8/09

It’s been a while, but I’ve had to accumulate a lot of material. Here we go:


Stock for the New York Times now costs less than a Sunday paper. Hopefully they’ll be one of the next bubble-borne companies to go bust.


They don’t think of him as the Messiah without showmanship!


At least a large portion of the Italian people (along with the vast majority of the people of the world) are against the American Empire.

Letter to congress urging support of Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009

The following is a copy of a letter I sent to my Representative, feel free to use it or write your own, this bill needs to get passed ASAP
First I would like to applaud you for voting no on the recent stimulus bill. As a tax-payer I hope that your vote on this was not just one based on party lines and more a vote based on your understanding of the disastrous effects of spending more of ‘our’ money to fix this economic recession. We cannot spend our way out of a situation that was caused by spending.
That said the [...]

Price Theory: Applications (II)

Today I’ll explore the application of Austrian price theory to the criminal justice system–specifically the prison system.
As you all might imagine, there is tremendous waste in the the prison systems in our country, both on the state and federal levels.  Why?  Prices.
The government has no way to know whether their method of justice administration is the most efficient.  They have no way of calculating 1) the potential damages done by criminals out on the prowl versus being locked up, and 2) how effective at limiting this potential damage their justice system is.  What then is the cure for this corrosive [...]

A sign of things to come

These snowdrops in bloom are a sign that the weather is changing and the ground is ready to grow new life. A very exciting time for a gardener! If it would only thaw out long enough for me to dig my two new raised beds. Thanks to this blog for showing me what these little flowers I have all over my yard are called!