The Freedom Diet: Week 2

Ok, so I’m not going to do another long post with pictures and an eating log about the past week. I have it if your interested. But here’s how the last week has gone. Potatoes are awesome. I can now see why the potato famine killed so many people. They are hearty food when all else you have is green veggies. Onions and garlic are a great crop. Fry them up with just about anything and it tastes better. Bartering seems to work easier with people who AREN’T farmers. The reasoning [...]

The Freedom Diet: Week 1

I survived my first week.  The first few days were the hardest as my body adjusted to the lesser amount of food intake.  I lost more than 12 lbs in one week(that’s pretty damn fast considering my starting weight).  Most of that all being in the first 3 days.  I’ve hit a plateau now where the weight is falling off a lot slower the last few days.  My body has adapted to smaller amount of food I’m eating. Here is what I ate…
Day 1
Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - 1 large cucumber, 2 banana Hot Peppers
Dinner - swiss chard steamed with [...]

The Freedom Diet: Introduction

A few months ago I was thinking to myself.  “What if I HAD to survive off of just the food that I grow?”.  Would I really be able to?  Well this month I’m going to attempt to answer this question.  I’ve come up with a diet to test my ability to be self sustainable.  I call it “The Freedom Diet”.  After all if you depend on no one for your food, then you truly are free.
The rules are simple:

Only drink water
ONLY consume food that I’ve grown, had a hand in growing or can find growing in the wild.
Bartering is allowed.  [...]