And then they came for me… (My Spin)

First, they came for the low income. Providing them with welfare, healthcare and getting them addicted to government. I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t on welfare.
Then they came for the children. Indoctrinating them in the public schools, poisoning them with fluoride and I didn’t speak up, because I didn’t have children.
Then they came for the guns, and I didn’t speak up, because guns scare me anyway.
Then they came for our military. Poisoning their bodies with mandatory vaccinations and poisoning their minds with war propaganda and a false sense of patriotism. And I didn’t speak up, because they were keeping [...]

Guerrilla Gardening 101

Being truly free is not having to depend on anyone for anything. If you aren’t working towards being self-sustainable then you’re reliant on a broken system. What happens if the house of cards collapses and the system comes crashing down? Well then you’ll find out just how truly self sufficient you aren’t. I don’t want to get to into the politics of it too much because we all know the direction this country is heading. So now that my rants out of the way let’s get started…
I’ve been planning a somewhat mobile ‘bug out’ plan [...]

American Soldiers are Brainwashed Beyond Hope

There’s this crazy story over at TPM about Afghan children being handcuffed, taken into custody, and finally shot by their captors.
Karzai, not acting like the puppet he’s supposed to at all, sent a delegation to investigate. Their report is extremely disturbing:
“The delegation concluded that a unit of international forces descended from a plane Sunday night into Ghazi Khan village in Narang district of the eastern province of Kunar and took ten people from three homes, eight of them school students in grades six, nine and ten, one of them a guest, the rest from the same family, and shot [...]

This Is Our Duty

I went to the Federal Reserve buildings in Pittsburgh and Washington DC in November to protest with my brothers and sisters of Liberty. I was amazed by how many people shook their heads or took pictures of us as if it were some sort of entertainment then walked away. I know what people think of protesters… You think we’re just a bunch of political whack jobs with nothing better to do. You think we can’t make a difference and that nothing we protest actually matters. You never stop to ask what or why we’re protesting, because you think it doesn’t [...]