The Freedom Diet: Introduction

A few months ago I was thinking to myself.  “What if I HAD to survive off of just the food that I grow?”.  Would I really be able to?  Well this month I’m going to attempt to answer this question.  I’ve come up with a diet to test my ability to be self sustainable.  I call it “The Freedom Diet”.  After all if you depend on no one for your food, then you truly are free.

The rules are simple:

  1. Only drink water
  2. ONLY consume food that I’ve grown, had a hand in growing or can find growing in the wild.
  3. Bartering is allowed.  Food grown or foraged for can be traded for other goods/services.
  4. NO food/cooking additives unless they were bartered for(e.g. salt, olive oil, hot sauce).
  5. Hunting/fishing/trapping for game is allowed(though I don’t expect much of this).

Here are the gardens I have at my disposal…

  1. 3 raised beds in my backyard(totaling about 100 square feet)
  2. a half acre community garden that I volunteer at
  3. a 800 square foot family garden I helped to start and weed at on the weekends

The 2 larger gardens have other people who pick from the crops as well, adding to the challenge.  Some people say I’m crazy and going to starve.  I would be lying to say that this wasn’t a diet.  I am trying to lose weight and this is just a different way to do that.

Every week I will come back and post what I ate, how much weight I’ve lost and whatever challenges I have come across.  Today is Day 1.  Check back soon to see if I’ve perished..haha

Starting weight: 194.8 lbs

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  1. I think this is an excellent idea…and it may be fun! Sounds like a good practise run as well!

  2. Thanks jim! so far it has been pretty fun. I had a good meal for the 4th last night. ill post pictures on wednesday. It is definitely a good test

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