The Freedom Diet: Week 1

I survived my first week.  The first few days were the hardest as my body adjusted to the lesser amount of food intake.  I lost more than 12 lbs in one week(that’s pretty damn fast considering my starting weight).  Most of that all being in the first 3 days.  I’ve hit a plateau now where the weight is falling off a lot slower the last few days.  My body has adapted to smaller amount of food I’m eating. Here is what I ate…

Day 1

Breakfast - nothing
Lunch - 1 large cucumber, 2 banana Hot Peppers
Dinner - swiss chard steamed with onions, garlic scapes, hot pepper and snap peas, side of green beans

Here is the first dinner of my diet. Let’s see how it compares to the last…
swiss chard stir fry

Day 2

Lunch: 1 half of a stuffed zucchini filled with garlic, onions, zucchini insides, hot pepper and basil
Dinner - more stuffed zucchini
Desert - small side of blueberries

I made a bunch of these stuffed zucchini’s, probably too much as I started to not look forward to eating them..
stuffed zucchini

Day 3

Breakfast - blueberries and a side of broccoli
Lunch - 1 carrot
Dinner - recooked the stuffed zucchini another way and ate some raspberries

Picked a few handfuls of blueberries that were delicious..this was half my breakfast today..

Day 4

Breakfast - 1 carrot and the rest of leftover zucchini mix - thank god
bartered for 3 loaves of bread at a local farmers market!!! - Traded 2 zuchinni, 3 cucumbers, 5 heads of garlic and 7 onions for 3 loaves of bread(challah, cheese stuffed zucchini and sliced white).
Lunch - snacked on some cheese stuffed zucchini bread.
Dinner - Treated myself to a good july 4th dinner
Potatoes with rosemary, onions and garlic in foil on the grill
snap peas and green beans in foil on the grill with garlic and onions
salad with lettuce, raspberries, radish and carrots.

Today was a great day for my diet not only did I barter for 3 loaves of bread(seen in the first picture below) which is making the diet SO much easier but I also treated myself to a pretty hearty dinner since it was the 4th and all. The potatoes were seriously amazing. Wow I could eat them every night.
homemade bread loaves
rosemary potatoes

Day 5

snacked throughout the day
carrot, radishes, snaps peas and raspberries
Dinner - 1/4 loaf of zucchini bread stuffed with cheese(SOO good)

Day 6

Breakfast and Lunch - remaining 1/4 of zuchinni bread
Dinner - 1 carrot, 2 small potatoes, one hot pepper, 2 slices of bread with raspberry puree

Day 7

Breakfast and Lunch - Chunk of bread(challah)
Dinner - Swiss chard stir fry with onions, garlic and snap peas
baked potato and a chuck of challah bread
desert - a lot of challah bread

All in all it has gotten a lot easier in the last few days. The only problem I’ve come into is variety. zucchini and swiss chard can get boring after awhile so I will have to find other ways to cook what I have. There were a couple times the first few days when I was VERY hungry. But this is a diet after all.

Weight at the end of week 1: 182.1 LBS

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  1. Hey…good for you on the weight drop. The food pics are great! Makes me hungry just looking at them!

    I think you really scored big on the bread barter, for sure!

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