Will the Real Conservatives Please Stand Up

I wrote a paper a few months ago defining what a true conservative really was.  In a nutshell, this is it:

“…true Conservatives are in fact Libertarians, being said that the central tenet of Libertarianism is the principle of individual liberty, furthermore true Conservatives are Constitutionalists, being said that the central tenet of Constitutionalism is to uphold and respect the rule of law set forth in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and thirdly, however, most important in my opinion, is the fact that true Conservatives, in following the tenets of Libertarianism and Constitutionalism, uphold and respect one another’s rights strictly adhering to the strong values of respecting life, liberty, and property, as well as following a firm code of personal responsibility and morality in their own life.”

I am writing now to raise several questions, among them are: Is the current Republican party living up to these values?  If so, what is their reasoning, is it simply to oppose the Obama Regime?  And, if so, does it really matter, as long as it brings us back to the core values of Conservatism?

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News in general, all supported George W. Bush’s war on terrorism, massive expansion of government, failed economic policies, the death of civil liberties under the Patriot Act, etc.  Judge Andrew Napolitano and very few others being the exception to the rule.
Republicans largely accepted and supported Bush’s policies.  The ones that did not agree, the real Conservatives cowered in the corner afraid to speak their mind, whispering about how their President might not be as Conservative as they’d hoped.
Now that Obama is in charge and pursuing the same policies, these same people that were extremely vocal in supporting George W. Bush are extremely vocal against Barrack H. Obama.  Why?
I offer two reasons for you to think about and decide where you belong.

The Ron Paul Revolution began awoke a sleeping giant in this country.  It brought forth old ideas of freedom, liberty, and Constitutional Conservatism that had largely been forgotten.  Swept under the rug by our then current Republican Administration.  Indeed, after a Ron Paul speech I’m sure there were many people googling the terms Habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus.  I offer that the Revolution re-awakened the vast majority of Reaganite and Bushite Republicans up to what they really were.  Reminded them of the ideas of limited government and sound monetary policy.  The Global Economic Disaster of 2009 helped immensely as well.

OR…what the media is pushing….

Obama is black, some of you are racist, and even if you are not, you can’t stand to see a Liberal in the White House even to the degree that you will not support him even if he is continuing Bush’s failed policies that you agreed with so much during Bush’s two miserable terms.

If you got angry while reading that last statement it is probably about you.  You may need to to re-examine your motives.
We’ll take all the support we can while this revolution continues.  But if you think we’re going to go back to radical neo-conservatism after the revolution is over, get out of the way.

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  1. first of all, “Conservatives” are a british political party. now though i think conservation is good, many today are trying desperately to conserve the false peridigm of the american-british “special relationship”. (the neo-cons especially) it’s been said: keep your friends close, your enemies closer. make no mistake, the brits are the enemy. we have to ask ourselves: what do we really want to conserve?

    joel skousen uses the term “conservatives of liberty” in his secure home book. that’s a good starting point. i would add justice (in GOD we trust) (justice is a revealed truth from GOD) for all, and the constitutional limits on government as things we should be trying to conserve, and most especially the independence of our republic, as something to be conserved.

    for the last one hundred or so years, america has been used to supply the raw manpower and material, blood, treasure and oil to accomplish for britain (or somebody) what they could not accomplish otherwise for themselves. (doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that america seems to be copying the brits? we as a people have only balked at gun control, and government run health care, we’ve swallowed practically everything else)

  2. I pretty much agree - excellent post.

    I want to make just one comment - I whole heartedly agree with the media’s perception of why people oppose this administration.

    I have long quit defending myself when being labeled a racist. Its an easy taunt which quickly shuts down opposition. I am not - I know I am not and I will not defend myself against the attack. It sounds just down right stupid to follow “I am not a racist” with “some of my friends are black”….

    I believe if Conservatives (as defined by your post) quit flinching when attacked with this label, the label will quickly be shrugged off. It is my hope that eventually those throwing the label will themselves look the idiot.

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