This Is Our Duty

I went to the Federal Reserve buildings in Pittsburgh and Washington DC in November to protest with my brothers and sisters of Liberty. I was amazed by how many people shook their heads or took pictures of us as if it were some sort of entertainment then walked away. I know what people think of protesters… You think we’re just a bunch of political whack jobs with nothing better to do. You think we can’t make a difference and that nothing we protest actually matters. You never stop to ask what or why we’re protesting, because you think it doesn’t affect you.

Let me start off by saying we are people, human beings, just like you. Most of us have jobs, hobbies and families. We’re truly concerned citizens of this great nation and we care about ALL Americans. THAT is why we protest. Wars are not fought for your Constitutional freedoms. Wars enslave you and enslave other nations. Dissent, civil disobedience and exercising ALL of our rights is what keeps us free, and not enough of us do it. We’re too busy, we have more important things to do, it’s too complicated, it’s too much work…

It is OUR duty as American citizens to ensure that our government is upholding our Constitution. It should not take the loss of our Constitutional freedoms to get people to take action. If we would ALL take the time to call, write and fax our reprsentatives; if we would take the time to educate ourselves on government, policy and what is going on around the world; if we would vote OUT the morons, in BOTH parties, who continually spit in the face of our rights… We would not have to protest.

We have lost our way as Americans. We have become so caught up in shopping, watching television, sports, partying and working that we neglected our duty to ourselves. It DOES affect you. You can only choose to ignore it for so long. You can sit there and say, “there’s nothing I can do about it” and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We all must stand together to defeat the monster before it defeats us. Will it take you and your family being forcefully dragged out of your homes to FEMA camps before you wake up? Do you think I am crazy for thinking that’s going to happen? Why? I have done a lot of research, have you? Is the television your only source of news? Do you truly believe it’s not regulated? Do you believe everything your government tells you? Or do you just not want to admit the truth because it is too difficult?

Do your duty, become involved. Other people can’t do it for you. You, as an individual, must band together with your fellow Americans to take a stand. You know something is terribly wrong here, are you going to sit back and watch it happen or are you going to fight against it? Are you going to enslave your children in debt and poverty in a Police State or are you going to reclaim the nation that your fathers shed their blood for? Do you want freedom or is it easier if the government runs your lives? You don’t know where to start and I do understand that. Talk to someone who is involved, they will show you the way. They will tell you how you can exercise you rights and help to restore our republic. Please do not remain silent, for “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

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  1. Strength in numbers. The more people we have attending rallies the better! I don’t go to as many rallies as I should. I put most of my energy into growing food and such. But I do make sure to attend at least 1 a year. I’m never sure which to go too. Sometimes the tea party rallies seem a little to me.

  2. I agree about the tea parties. My feeling is that the entire tea party message has been lost. The best rallies are those with a medium-size, passionate group of individuals passing around a bullhorn and delivering peaceful truth to the public.

  3. You might want to have a look at this article over at Reason.

    I think it has moved past the point of protest. The fools have decided to weld the boiling kettle shut.

    Now we just have to wait for the explosion.

  4. FEMA camps…here we come…yay…get ur cyanide pills ready? naw…i’m gonna take out as many as they can when they come for me…but y’know it’s gonna be like V for Vendetta, black hoods and all, ur not gona have a chance in hell to do anything back and it’s gonna be awesome b/c they know all about everything we do, including posting here…yay, i can’t wait…i’m gonna get a pit and feed it gunpowder…

  5. If your concerned about the tea-parties being too republican then organize them yourself. In fact organize them at a local republican event and tell them what they are doing wrong, u’d be surprised the lemmings want the truth. When you are at a 1000 strong republican event and rail against the party, limbaugh, palin and beck and get cheers you’ve accomplished something. When you host a tea-party on the steps of your county courthouse and refuse to let the county commissioner speak, you’ve accomplished something. When you have successfully convinced the county chair that the drug war needs to end, when you are invited to closed door meeting that decide local political strategy you’ve accomplished something. When you run for local office and in less than a month hijacked the government of a local municipality you’ve accomplished something. When you’ve stood and listened to speakers at a tea-party you have accomplished just that standing around listening and chanting for a few hours. If you don’t like the way the movement is going do something about it. If there is anything that i have learned in the last few years it is when the powers that be have hijacked this country it is up to me to re-hijack it, if i don’t it might not get done and i will not be a slave.

  6. I’m all for changing the direction of the party and getting more involved. I do attend rallies here and there and do contribute to politicians coffers who I feel best help our pro-liberty cause. However, I see the country as somewhat of a runaway train. You can slow it down but you can’t really control it’s direction at this point. So I’m trying to make sure I can provide for myself and my family in case we come crashing into the brick wall ahead. I applaud you for being as involved as you are. I would like to be more so. But while you’re having closed door meetings and changing county chairs mentality, I’m establishing guerrilla edible landscapes, cleaning up/stocking nearby ponds with fish, working my land with hand tools and helping my friends/family to plant/create their own edible sanctuaries.

    It may be cliche to say, but everything changed when I had a kid. If I was single I would have no problem throwing myself into the political side of it more. But now that I have a family to provide for, I feel they need to be my number 1 priority. Sorry USA but I have to make sure mine are safe first. Then I can focus on the rest of you.

  7. kookster if everyone worked to be more self sufficient the way u do then things wouldn’t be so bad…

    quite personally i’m taking the middle road and attempting to do both (prepare for the worst and work for the best) but it is very difficult

    especially to work on campaigns when i have no hope that my guy gonna win or worse yet, he does win and nothing changes…

    insofar as waking people up goes…well…i’m pretty convinced that those who are gonna wake up have at this point…

    don’t mean to be a downer…but i tend to be a realist

  8. We are waking people up. I see it almost every day. Don’t give up, because we are going to need as many people awake as possible. Especially military and law enforcement.

  9. while i agree with you that we will need as many awake as possible when “SHTF” i believe the military ad law enforcement have been brainwashed to the point of no return…

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